An introduction about Centro Zaffiria for English speakers

Education, gaming, digital citizenship, creativity and participation explored with the media: Centro Zaffiria works every day around these subjects.

In recent years our main activity has been to collaborate with schools and teachers to promote a greater knowledge of digital media education, which we consider today essential since childhood.

Often these activities are carried out within projects born with specific objectives: App your School, Tandem, E se diventi farfalla, Silence Hate!, #nodrugstobecool, are just some of the most recent (but you can discover them all in the archive section).

Within these projects there is never only us, but many other Italian and European partners, with whom we are fortunate to collaborate.
In this website all of your didactic resources all only in Italian, but you can find some of our materials in English language on some external websites, such as:

In French:

To achieve the goals that we set ourselves, we often create websites dedicated to different projects, and we develop apps for the different targets we want to reach. From the application for the “Increased treasure hunt” for children to play in the streets of Rimini, up to the visual dictionary Calepino created to help migrant adults participating in the Migrant Liter@cies project.

With the digital tools, we conceive and construct also curious interactive installations, often for the two playrooms we have created and we manage (Via Luzzatti 15 in Igea Marina and Le lune nel pozzo in Rimini), but occasionally also for other museums or festivals to which we are invited to participate.

Some of our educational and creative researches later become games that we design and produce under the Italiantoy brand.
These toys always pay a particular attention to the educational aspect, and are produced by local craftmen.

Thanks to Centro Alberto Manzi, which is based at the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region, we have the opportunity to work with schools throughout Italy. Alessandra Falconi, responsible for the activities of the Center, wrote and conducted six television episodes for Rai Scuola, also available on RaiPlay.

Who we are

We are a small group of people based all around Italy – thanks to technology, we can work all together remotely.

Silvia Ferreira Mendes mainly deals with our European projects, Chiara Aliverti works in ateliers with children, teenagers and families, Cecilia Piazza puts in graphic forms our educational contents, Francesca Ragusa holds our endless list of expenses, Alfredo Barbieri is the Italiantoy operating arm and a valuable all-rounder on our projects.

Alessandra Falconi founded Zaffiria in 1998 and continues to coordinate all the projects.