Lem project. Virtual museum

Pubblicazione curata da IBC e LEM project

LEM project. Twenty years ago interactivity consisted of displays, which visitors could operate. They could, for instance, open lock gates in an exhibition about the production of electricity by means of a flood-control dam. Presentations like this helped in understanding the process. Museums were ‘teachers’, the visitors ‘pupils’. Thanks to (or due to?) the internet – especially web 2.0 – visitors have become more and more participators or partners of the museum. The virtual museum has offered the possibility to create ‘communities’. People can add content to the collections, exhibitions or other activities of a museum. The Museum of Natural History in Toulouse was one of the pioneers in creating a community by collecting amateur photographs of the nature of the region. The amateurs could add their own images in the virtual collection of the museum.
But their influence was not limited to the virtual world. The best ones were selected for an exhibition in the museum itself.